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The first thing you’ll need to do is sign up. Without signing up you’re limited to browsing the site. If you’re a customer looking for black businesses to support you should sign up as a customer/seeker so that you can interact, favorite, rate & review, etc. If you’re a business owner or just a professional who is selling individual services, you need to register as a first step. See the video below.


Next step is all about setting up your Listing and supporting it with promotional advertisements and articles. Your account gets additional options based on which package you buy. Photo galleries, brochures, all the things you need to get customers is at your disposal. It’s very easy. The video below will walk you through it.

Are you located in Africa?

We are serious about achieving our goals and one of our larger goals is to encourage and improve business between Native Africans and African Americans. For us to work together makes all the sense in the world. To help encourage this please contact us if you are located in Africa for a special promotional discount.

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