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We welcome both our HBCUs and our Black Fraternity and Sorority chapters. What we’re trying to accomplish is going to take effort. No one more than you understands the challenges of staying connected and allowing those connections to produce positive results for the community. The role of Black Fraternities and Sororities has been vital in the effort to maintain a social structure and order that keeps us moving forward.

The challenge is simple and incredibly easy. The Fraternity or Sorority that has the highest population on this site will be chosen as the winner. Competition is crucial to growth and evolution. Competition drives us and rallies us and motivates us to win. Winning for us means winning for the black economy. We’re not forcing anyone to use the site to purchase services from the black community. That is and will always be a choice left to the individual. But we do want to use this site as a voice to help inspire that participation in our economics.

THE PRIZE: In this annual competition, the winning black fraternity or sorority will receive the stylish 2020 Black Wall Street 2.0 Trophy and a cash award for their organization donated by the BWS2.0 platform as well as a letter of recognition and bragging rights for the year.

To all of our participants, there truly are no losers. By reaching out and connecting you are helping all of us win. And that’s what it’s all about. When Mansa Musa, “sultan” or “emperor”, one of the richest people in human history, traveled the country in Africa with 80 camels each carrying 50-300 lbs of gold,  he distributed enough to throw off an economy. This one man directly controlled the price of gold in the Mediterranean. His is an amazing story of wealth and power, giving gold to the poor along his pilgrimage. However, it is also amazing in the sense that gold can easily be given away when one has an abundance. The most valuable resource in Africa was never a precious metal or shiny rock. It was it’s people.

This people has be devalued as a race by the rest of the world. And as a whole we are struggling between extreme wealth and extreme poverty. But ours is a story of overcoming obstacles, of reuniting with a Spirit that not only breathed life into this planet but enables us to become the future leaders of it. We’ve seen the rise of Martin Luther King and dream that was hopeful and consciousness changing to a President Barack Hussein Obama II who became the first African American president of the United States. This is the hope. The hope is that our dreams and visions for a brighter future can come true, but only if we all join hands and we’re all willing to share that dream and breathe life into that dream and put foot to pavement and march for that dream until the day we go to sleep so that one day when we wake up it is no longer just a dream. The things that you are concerned about are the same things we’re all concerned about. But in order to get that change we need power. But that power isn’t one guy on a pilgrimage or one guy in the white house. It’s the power that put them both in that position. It’s the people who fought and struggled with them. It’s you.

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