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  1. 1.
    an association, typically of several business companies.

Corporations are machines that pool resources from investors to improve every facet of the business: better people, better research and development, better marketing, and better deals. This improves their overall brand that consumers connect with.

Our businesses tend to be sole proprietors, single cells trying to survive on their own in an environment with complex organisms after the same food. Trying to compete against a giant sparks images of David and Goliath. People tend to bet on the giant even if he is cold and impersonal.

We must construct our own version of the machine; a self-contained and accountable ecosystem based on (Nguzo Saba). We have to harness the power of Community to create better businesses (BBBB). A consortium is like a corporation but its members are independent. They agree to cooperate to be more competitive against outside companies. By pooling their resources the consortium can provide access to knowledge, wisdom, experience, connections, advertising, marketing, talent, and capital. By creating Industry Guilds and shared resources within those guilds we hope to empower our businesses through merit based rewards and social sharing/distribution.

Within this ACME styled “catch all” corporate-ish website, instead of doing business with the corporation and the corporation routing that business to individual employees, you can deal directly with individual professionals or businesses or you can deal with management groups or producers that manage their own teams. With each professional being able to list their services this creates a new paradigm, similar to the internet itself, where we decentralize “work”. As long as the individual has work the individual gets paid. BWS2.0 gets paid through the organizing process of creating that one ACME style brand that people can go to. And together with small transaction based profits we can reinvest in our community and rival the strength and benefits of larger organizations.

Advertisers pay millions for TV exposure on big TV news outlets. There is a mutually beneficial relationship between the advertiser > network > and viewer. The advertiser gives to the network which gives a product to the viewer so that the viewer will give money to the advertiser. This is the same type of circle that is present within any stable economy. The more “viewers” we can get using our platform the more companies (especially those who advertise with us) will benefit, increasing the value of all parties involved.

One of the biggest reasons why any business (not just black) fails is due to a lack of exposure or awareness. It doesn’t matter if you have the best store with the best furniture, technology, and products if that store is in the middle of the desert. Marketing and Advertising are the two most essential aspects of running and growing your business. There are people out there who want to do business with you just like there are people out there looking for a romantic match. But if they can’t find you it doesn’t matter how good you are. We have to provide excellent quality services but we need to be found. And in the information age we need to utilize the power of the internet to collectively boost our position.

CROWD FUNDING only works when each person who needs to raise funds pulls attention to the fundraising site. This creates a cumulative effect because even if some of the people they attract will not fund them they may fund other projects, just like if you join a social sharing site and you tell someone else to visit your page they’ll also visit others. This means people who were invited by someone else will also see you even though you didn’t invite them. So when you attract people to your BWS2.0 profile you’re helping to support the entire platform and gain business for other black business owners. And they are doing the same for you. That is the magical secret sauce that will fuel BWS2.0 into the future and help us compete against corporations.

To make a dream into reality we have to define that dream in terms that everyone can understand; terms that have real world examples and consequences. The more we can articulate and connect the things we want to do to things that have already been done the more we can test and simulate our ideas to see if they’ll work. We’ve seen movements like the “Occupy Wall Street” movement fail because the idea was too general with no agreement as to concrete solutions. It needed to be organized but more than just “show up at X location”. We can all emotionally react to the problem but we need to give specifics on how to fix it. Not providing those key answers is a good way to protect your position from intellectual scrutiny but it cannot galvanize a correct response because there is no response for people to rally around; only the existence of the problem.

So we can march against racism and white supremacy but what specific tangible steps would we march “for” rather than simply marching “against” a thing that whites who aren’t racist don’t know how to fix and whites who are racists don’t want to? As long as the whites who don’t want to change don’t reveal themselves racism lives to fight another day; being secret operatives for white supremacy. This creates a stalemate… a strategic impasse.

And so we have to ask ourselves… “what is it that we actually need?” Do we need to not be hated? Or do we need the power that is unequally distributed? If the answer is that we need power then that is the correct answer because racism starves us of power that we need to influence the system and thrive. People hate for all types of reasons, but racism is unique in the fact that the hated group is the one that lacks power.

It’s not that we’re not getting enough money from the system (individually perhaps but not as a group). The problem is what we do with it. Many of us get paid different amounts but because we spend more money we’re left with almost the same amount. You can live pay check to pay check regardless of your income. The finances of our community are a mirror of our personal finances. Of course, if your money is immediately eaten up by things you absolutely need to survive and there’s no wiggle room that’s understandable. However, if we’re blowing a lot of our money on consumer goods we don’t really need and that money is flying out of our community then it is our materialism that is to blame for our economic condition. And that’s why our music industry is dominated by materialism because it serves the same white supremacy that makes it difficult for us to produce material goods of our own.

The Consortium’s purpose is to do business while creating a singular agenda and guidance that allows us to focus our energy into small steps and goals to get to larger steps and goals. The power of the group can remove impediments that would stop a single person or company. That’s power.

Why is it that there is so much antisemitism direct towards Jews? Before entertaining any question regarding antisemitism we must state for the record that BWS2.0 is not anti-Semitic, doesn’t hate Jews or any other group. Why do we have to state this? Because certain groups are not only hyper sensitive and cry wolf at nearly every non-Jewish mention of the word Jew, but it is fundamentally because they are so powerful. This power not only makes us qualify our statements, but makes others agree with them whenever they deem to classify any statement as anti-Semitic. And any problem you may have with what the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinians get’s drowned out by whether or not the complaint or rhetoric itself can be depicted as anti-Semitic. It’s a trap.

Black people decrying racism has never had that kind of power before to where the mere faint appearance is enough to make denunciations erupt. But the point is, whether or not they are hated, their interests are protected. And the hatred among Neo-Nazis and many KKK even exceeds, for many, the hatred of black people. Why? It’s because black people have the threat of power but Jews actually have that power already. People believe they control Hollywood whether they do or not. People believe they secretly control major financial institutions whether they do or not.

We’re not impressed by conspiracy theories, nor do we support any hatred or any characterization of Jewish people in any way. We’re also not going to play into the game of “here’s a list of people you need to denounce so that we can use your credibility to keep sawing away at theirs for statements they made decades ago.”

What’s interesting is that Jews have a simple but effective strategy that is codified in their Holy Scripture, the Torah. Simply put… they are commanded by biblical precept, to put the needs of their community first. They will never “integrate”, without prejudice, their finances because they are commanded to help their own first. We don’t really care who we buy from. They do. That’s why they have money and we don’t. That’s why they have power and we don’t. That’s why they have a STATE, supported by your tax dollars, with its own agenda supported by foreign and domestic operatives. We shouldn’t hate them. They are the very template for what WE should be doing!

If Americans hate them for gaining too much wealth and power then it validates and justifies their need (and ours) for pooling their own resources and consciously advancing their own economic position. Unfortunately, we don’t have a holy book (too bad POWERNOMICS doesn’t count) instructing us to do the same thing. Most of our most notable organizations are working on social justice issues and pain points that deserve attention. As much as we need them fighting for criminal justice reform and other issues there still lacks a clear voice on how we can come together and build our own economy. This is the mantle we have decided to pick up and why this consortium is crucial.

The members of our consortium get synergistic partnerships, strategically designed to concentrate power and efficiency. They also get voting rights in how we move forward. They get to be involved in local investment opportunities, helping them to raise their profiles. We develop and promote their brands and give them access to the same B2B connections that help all of us grow. They also get to sell B2B services through our platform to all of our members. We can also do this discreetly with a DBA.

As the governing body of the Consortium, Black Wall Street 2.0 will be involved in negotiating deals for member businesses, setting up sponsorship opportunities, head hunting qualified professionals, creating corporate governance based on Nguzo Saba, etc. Part of the goal is to connect member businesses in a way that they benefit by being part of a larger organism without giving up ownership.

History of the Consortium

We have been planning this black business consortium since 2012 ever since Jonathan Sinclair and Brett Forney had a deep conversation about how economics touched every single issue in Black America and what it would take to solve this problem. We knew we needed to have this conversation with the community. Black Wall Street 2.0 was the result of that conversation.

Rebuilding Black Wall Street

We started a Facebook group to link up with like minded individuals and start reaching out to black entrepreneurs and business owners to gain interest in building a consortium.

BWS v1.1.1

We started with the simple premise. Become the Black Google. Become the Black Amazon. We started building our site and making connections. Worked with Black Wall Street San Diego with the hopes of extending our platform to other BWS sites.

BWS v1.2.1

We expanded the team, created marketing materials and attended events as well as created our own event UjamaaFest 2014.

BWS v1.3.1

Started development on our own Amazon styled marketplace. Launched sister organization called BWSI (Black Wall Street International) in collaboration with Kemetic Pipeline International.

BWS v1.5.1

Backed out of BWSI due to suspicion of fraud on the part of KPI (Kemetic Pipeline International). Fell all the way back to salvage our own image.

BWS v1.6.1

New Leadership and direction. Refocused on Local Black Service Providers, project management, & dropped marketplace.

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