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We all have to be honest with ourselves. As much as we know this is the right thing to do many of us are scared because we are negatively affected by stereotypes and prior bad experiences. When you have a bad experience with a white company you just find another white company. The race of the ownership of the company has nothing to do with it. However, for black businesses the race of ownership stands out and if we have a bad experience somehow that experience transfers onto other black businesses. At the same time we have to try to be more understanding in the sense that not all businesses are equally financed and funded. Many companies cannot afford a dedicated sales or customer service agent until their business grows beyond providing a single income.

The Better Black Business Bureau is dedicated to helping to restore trust in black business dealings by offering monitoring and conflict resolution services. By joining a cooperative system we can develop and maintain systematic approaches and standards to increase the efficiency, the performance, and ultimately the recognition of our member businesses. We want to create a business community that is known for a higher standard in how we do business. The companies that display our badge agree to abide by a new set of regulations that we have developed specifically to protect black consumers and therefore support commerce within the community.

We have to address the reasons why black people often give up on black businesses. Amazon enforces good business practices on its sellers. This raises the Amazon brand and draws more and more through its marketplace which benefits every seller on the platform. Because we own this platform we can create the rules and when those rules are broken it tells us where problems are and we can advocate on behalf of our consumers, work with businesses to fix issues, and gently remind our business owners that the customer is always right.

We need a positive community that can promote good black owned businesses, not just complain about bad ones. We have to solve the trust issues between us so we have created the BBBB (Better Black Business Bureau) to help re-establish trust. Businesses can apply for the BBBB logo to display on their sites. This means they are legit and that we’re keeping an eye on them.

The BWS2.0 Badge simply links back to your profile on our site. If you’re interested in getting the badge simply contact us and request it.

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