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Black Wall Street 2.0

Black Wall Street 2.0 creates a global street that connects local black businesses and service providers to people who need their services while building credibility and trust. We're happy to serve our community in a way that empowers us to rise to a higher economic level. We believe that most of our social problems stem from economic drought and instability. BWS2.0 helps you exchange your services for the money you need to thrive.

A smart investment strategy that empowers the black community

A scientific business approach to socioeconomic issues

bringing puzzle pieces together through relationships

Pan-African vision to connect the East and West

BWS 2.0

For an Independent and FREE Black Economy

Black Wall Street is a symbol of wealth and success in the black community. It came about due to an environment in which African Americans were denied service and segregated. It forced us to do business with each other and depend on each other for survival. Black Wall Street, also known as Little Africa, was an area called Greenwood in Tulsa, OK. Greenwood Avenue ran for over a mile and did not cross into white controlled territory. Businesses in this commercial district thrived with grocery stores, banks, movie theatres, libraries, newspaper, clinics, and more.

The spirit of Black Wall Street lives and we recognize the Black Wall Street USA organization for their efforts in keeping that historic spirit alive, boasting thousands of members who are part of the economic movement and important allies. Many of their members are engaged in various constructive activities across the United States and we appreciate everything that they are doing.

The OG Black Wall Street was a model and testimony of what we can do when we work together. However, realistically, without significant resources and banks willing to fund black owned commercial districts, this is an "OT" (Old Testament) model and what we need today (at least to get to that point of physical districts, is an "NT" version that utilizes technology and leverages the connective power of the internet.

What we need is a virtual Black Wall Street that bridges whole continents and connects the Black peoples in the East with Black peoples in the West. The original Black Wall Street was successful for the same reason that Wakanda was successful and why it was the ultimate role of the Black Panther to keep the outside world out. It's not about racism or division. It's about maintaining a home and culture that reinforces one's own self worth and that works for the benefit of its own... first.


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Black Wall Street 2.0 will help you reach black consumers and businesses in your local area who want to build wealth in our community.

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Black Panther was an important movie in many ways. It showed us an unrealized version of ourselves. What if there was a place in Africa untouched by the rest of the world where both science and spirituality could develop around a natural resource? In Wakanda there are different tribes as well as a system to share power between them. The dynamics of Wakanda, though a fantasy setting, are based on very real dynamics present within the black community. And although Marvel will tell you that Black Panther is not based on the group of African American street superheroes, for me there are symbolic parallels besides the name.

The original Black Panthers were about protecting their community just like the Black Panther protected Wakanda; and a lot of that protection was focused on external threats; even a government that behaved like a foreign adversary. At the same time the Black Panthers took upon themselves the kingly and knightly duties of providing food and education. They deserve praise and honor even if their actions, like Marvel's Black Panther, were not always understood and in some cases turned into an enemy of the state.

How was Wakanda built? Was it built in a day? Or did it develop over time with people who were on the same page? The different tribes didn't squabble among each other. Their leaders fought for their position and proved themselves worthy. The people followed. We want to be part of a larger conversation about how we can start laying the bricks of a real Wakandan type of society; even if it only exists in a virtual reality. We're all inspired by Black Panthers. It's time to become what inspires us.

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