About BWS2.0

Black Wall Street 2.0 is all about Group Economics. Economics isĀ as essential as plant’s ability to create energy through photosynthesis. Without this energy you die. Bringing that energy in from outside the organism and keeping it inside where it can do the most good is the same way we look at money and the environmental conditions necessary to make our ability to generate money more efficient.

For us Black Economics isn’t something to do. It is the only means of our perpetual survival.

When we started BWS2.0 we first started with the desire to help our community and the intelligence needed to come up with solutions. Now we have reached the point where we have solutions and need our community to support these solutions as well as other organizations to get involved and help implement these solutions. We take the principles of Nguzo Saba and the understanding of POWERNOMICS to create a real foundation that we can build on.

We are member based because group economics cannot be done without a foundation built on the collective and the core principles that bind us. We’re not waiting for unity. What we need is harmony.

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