Slavery 2.0

There’s a lot of talking about what we’re not doing. People want to explain why we’re not more successful as a group. The truth is that there are a lot of factors mostly related to socio-economics. Racism is a contributing influence but cannot be blamed totally.

We can blame an action but we have to account for our reaction.

It is important that we understand the game, the system, whatever you want to call it. It has rules. You can cheat but you run the risk of the system catching you. You can minimize risk the same way an investor does. ¬†Whether business is legitimate or not you’ll find that risk in all situations is minimized by the amount of intelligence you apply.

Often criminal business gets transformed into legitimate business as it evolves because the criminals influence the law so that the law protects their gains.

Our interest at BWS2.0 is only on the legitimate side of business. However, we do have to, at some point, recognize how it is effected by the other side. What Europeans have been able to do in the US is evolve slavery and racism to a higher level. What does that mean?

It means you can offer free shipping on a product if you add the cost to the product itself. Sure, the product is more expensive but psychologically people see the word FREE and think you have saved them from paying the cost of shipping.

The cost of owning a slave can be similarly transferred. Instead of paying for the slaves basic necessities you simply give the slave the money to take care of this themselves. Instead of owning a plantation an investor can simply own pieces of multiple companies. Of course the employees at these companies may be members of all races but within these companies there may be racial bias and even before black people are accepted into positions that offer better pay they have to more so conform and assimilate as well as pay the cost of a college education.

It’s no longer about keeping you on one man’s plantation. It’s now more about keeping you in your own neighborhoods and projects and ghettos. It’s about controlling how much money you can potentially earn and what you’ll do with it.

When you analyze the cost of living versus the cost of education, starting a business, buying a home, and other costs, you find that the more money you have the easier your life will be and the easier you can make more money. Many will say this works because of compound interest. I say this works because of “Soylent Green”. In other words… the rate that money increases is largely due to the way the system grinds up the poor to increase the portfolio value of the rich. Remember that the object of any business is to make money and the object of a corporation is not to employ you but to make as much money as it can for its investors. It cannot be expected to care about anyone when it has this purpose.

The more money you put into the system the more it grinds people and the more it pays you in return. The idea you can be successful in the system without participating in the system is simply not reality. You may not realize it, but when your money leaves your hands, it goes places. And some of those places that money goes will add to the oppression of you and your family. It is inevitable.

The only way to beat this system is to use it wisely in a way that invests in a new system and in players that are less oppressive or more “progressive”. This is not a cure. It is a healthier diet; meaning, that this is going to lessen our problems over time. This may be the long game and many people understandably don’t have the patience for it. However, the long game is the only one that will work in the long run.

Changing the world means putting better people in charge. It’s not as sexy as war is, but it is far more strategic and we have to stop playing checkers with people who are playing chess with us. We have to bet money on ourselves and help each other be more successful instead of comparing ourselves to our brother and judging our own self-worth by how other employees are doing. We have to help each other get ahead. If you’re in a higher position, help someone else under you get to a higher position. You think they aren’t doing the same? They’re not playing by the same rules.

The criminal who has achieved power makes the rules to protect their gains.

The new underground railroad has to be upgraded and evolved too. See… we have to realize that our chains will always evolve as long as the same type of people are in power. Therefore the fight for freedom has to evolve too. We cannot live in the pages of our history books. It’s important to know how our fight began and what we did to fight back. However, the answers must be born of current thinking. Old thinking has already been planned and accounted for.


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